Who We Are

The Footprints

A group of crazy entrepreneur heads met and ideate BaeShoppe.com in July 2020 as a platform that not only adds value to the people but also provides them an opportunity to feel the enthusiasm of being an entrepreneur.
The basic idea behind BaeShoppe was originated in Lock-Down period during the COVID-19 havoc. This was the time when everyone was trying their best to keep self and others sane by involving in a gamut of creative activities. BaeShoppe took the saying "Apdaa me Avsar" very seriously and created this platform as BuyersArtistsEcosystemShoppe as BAEshoppe.com to provide millions of designer a concrete motivation towards designing better and better and earn while showcasing it on this Platform.

We are just the Right People In The Right Jobs

We take immense pride in introducing our big brains.

Aarti Singh
Cofounder and Head Strategy

An IIM A Pedigree, Strategy and BI enthusiast with core understanding of business that is based on diverse & enriched experience of years in Marketing & Consulting portfolio. Go To Market Strategy is her forte and she excels at driving complex business situations to deliver optimal & practical solutions.
A totally “Grab ALL the Market” Professional.

Farooque Haidar
Cofounder and Head Tech Competence

A technological assessment professional enriched with experience gathered through the journey of numerous managerial positions in Technologically dominating giants like PayTm. A professional owning extreme hand on the cruciality of cutting-edge technological deployment towards competency based competitive advantage. A professional with conviction that “Success of your business is merely a reflection of your Technological competency”.

Amitesh Singh
Cofounder and Head Marketing

An entrepreneur with applied understanding of Consumer Buying behaviour and its real time projection-driven learning in Marketing and Advertising field. A learner of business psychology with enriched experience of Entrepreneurial implications and building business from scratch in Urban, Semi urban and Rural Markets. A believer of “Target consumers’ brains not their Pockets”.

Jaswant Singh
Cofounder and Head Operations

A Purchase and Operations expert having distinguished and remarkable experience with Costing Negotiations gained through numerous active vendors all across the nation. Duly notable vendor management skills acquired through the years of experience with the clients like Ericsson, Nokia and several other infrastructure-based quality driven giants. A strong believer of “Your vendors and their strive for quality define your reputation and your brand equity in market”.

Vishal Nigam
Cofounder and Head Human Capital

An Entrepreneur who defines the Human Capital being more important than any other form of capital. Managing employees, interns and ad-hoc resources successfully to make them contribute their maximum to the vision and mission of any institution or company has no replacement if one wants to succeed in making the dreams of all the stakeholders come true. “Dedicated Association of each stakeholder works as the steering towards your success as an organization”.

Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Fun? Join Us!

Bae Shoppe is super proud of its staff and is always looking for new collaborators and ambitious talents. We want to meet people, who are highly motivated, focused on achieving goals, prepared for the teamwork and interpersonal skills. Our goal is to keep the leadership in the market, thanks to our team, increasingly valued for its skills, that is always able to offer innovative solutions.

Merge your Journey with ours...

Let's join hands and collaborate for a better future for all.